Catalysms Server Monitor & Manager

7 Days To Die server manager

Cloud hosted

You don't need to get a new VPS or figure out how to install a new mod on your server. Fill in your connection details and you're ready!

Fully customizable

Make your server manager do what you want it to!


CSMM costs you nothing! While donators have access to extended features, free users can expect a fully featured server manager.

Player tracking

CSMM can keep track of where all your players have been. Get accurate location and inventory data, catching raiders/cheaters has never been easier.

Web interface

All configuration is done via the website, no more messing with XMLs! Access the website anywhere, via PC, mobile, tablet or any other device.

Discord integration

Chat between Discord and your server via chatbridge. Execute commands on your server from Discord, let your players view their stats without logging in. See the documentation for a full list!

Feature list

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